Posted on Mar 28, 2021

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Tree Trimming Centreville VA: What Time of Year is Best for Tree Trimming?

To keep trees looking their best, occasional tree trimming is recommended. However, what is the best time to trim trees? The type of tree and your motivation for trimming dictate your answer to that question.

Winter Tree Trimming

Winter is the season when trees are not actively growing, and so that season is often a popular time of year for tree trimming. All species of trees, in general, can sustain tree trimming during the winter.

Trimming Trees in the Spring and Summer

For most tree species, tree trimming in the spring can yield good results. Although the sap is rising in the tree during this time period, early spring allows for easy identification of problematic branches before the tree has fully leafed out.

Although summer tree trimming is possible, it can be more difficult because once leaves fully cover the trees, it can be difficult to identify branches with problems. However, summer is the best season to identify which branches are weakened due to the weight of the leaves; these branches will sag compared to healthy branches.

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