Posted on Mar 28, 2021

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Tree Trimming Service Centreville VA: 5 Different Methods For Pruning Trees

Raising means to “raise the crown” which basically means clearing some of the lower branches.To avoid leaving wounds or marks, regular raising of the canopy should occur on younger trees.

Reduction is a practice that focuses on the skillful and discriminate reduction of stems that may need to be cut back for several reasons. Reduction requires in depth knowledge about how a tree grows back and which branches are necessary.

Canopy Thinning:
This is often performed on trees that are overgrown. Often, thinning is necessary for tree structural reasons. Also, increased light penetration (to help your grass or other plants grow) is often a reason for such pruning. The best practice is to not remove more than 15%-20% of the foliage on the tree.

Structural Pruning for Younger Trees:
This pruning practice is probably the most overlooked by clients and so-called tree care professionals. There are several steps to proper structural pruning including:

- Selecting the branch that will be the dominant trunk
- Identify branches that will be competing with the dominant trunk
- Removing or shortening the branches

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